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America-Legal Support Services JP, is a legal support agency providing specialized services to individual, attorney or corporation who is looking for heirs in Japan.

Fumi Oshimoto is an experienced and trusted consultant, has a reputation for being speedy, accurate, and very polite.

<Support Services>

  • People Search in Japan;
  • Property Search from Public Records in Japan;
  • Contact and Coordinate heirs in Japan;
  • and Much more, please contact.

Please send me your contact address, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


<About Fumi Oshimoto>

Born and raised in Hakodate, Japan.

Consultant of US. Estate Planning and US Immigration for Japanese Clients.

Coordinator between Attorney/Corporation in the US and Client in Japan.

Had 15 years’ Experience as a Legal Assistant in the US.  Currently resides in Hayama, Japan.